Monday, August 31, 2015

GREENHOUSE GAS FRAUD EXPOSED by leaked climategate emails

Climategate is named after the Watergate scandal, from the Nixon era. Climategate was about leaked emails exposing the greenhouse gas religion fraud. There were three thousand documents and one thousand emails where scientists were caught lying about global warming.

Rigged computers produced a false graph known as the Michael Mann hockey stick because it looked like a horizontal hockey stick with the blade sticking straight up in order to imply that there were no changes in temperature until the 1990's when all of a sudden it started to rapidly increase.

One of the leaked emails pointed out that no matter what data goes in, even a bus time table, it will always come out a hockey stick.

With FAKE warm temperatures based on FAKE data extrapolated from readings at hot beaches, they REPLACED ALL OF THE ORIGINAL READINGS of the cold temperature data (from measuring stations at higher/cooler elevations) then, they TRASHED ALL OF THE ORIGINAL COLD TEMPERATURE DATA!!!

The big picture of Agenda 21 soft kill and its greenhouse gas religion disguise: